Triton – Online container locator system

TRITON– Online container locator system

Triton is the smartest and most advanced system available today in the world for real-time tracking of dry containers. Triton’s unique design allows a very simple and fast installation. The Triton is monitoring various parameters of the container in real time: doors position (open/close), location, temperature,  breach to the container and impact.

Starcom Systems is delighted to announce that the Triton  has completed successfully a wide range of Environmental Tests. The Triton was tested in various parameters: extreme temperature and achieved results of -40°c up until 85°c, Humidity achievement of  100%, salt fog achievement of 100%, Vibration got up to 2G (G force), and shocks attained up to 5G (G force).

Accomplishing the above mentioned tests, assures that the Triton can easily operate in extreme conditions worldwide.

A detailed test report can be found in the following link:

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