Automated Technological Systems

for remote Tracking, Monitoring & Management

Starcom Systems is a global technology company offering sophisticated remote tracking and monitoring solutions. We provide complete solutions, including both Software and Hardware solutions for real-time GPS and satellite tracking and monitoring. Among our solutions are fleet management and vehicle security applications, personal tracking, naval and air cargo, merchandise tracking, containers tracking and management. Our mobile and online applications provide a holistic solution, where all units are tracked in one place.

Starcom‘s GPS tracking and monitoring systems provide real-time information, live tracking and reports of your fleet, merchandise and personnel. Our mobile and web application help you to manage your resources efficiently and effectively while reducing your costs, increasing your productivity and improving your customer service.

Starcom Systems distributes and sells its products through 110 technology partners and independent operators in more than 53 countries, and its application is localized in 32 languages

The Technology

The full cellular (GSM/ CDMA/ HSDPA) and location (GPS/ GLONASS) system solution allows worldwide real-time tracking via web based user friendly application, that can be easily implemented and accessed anywhere around the world, in almost any language. All of Starcom Systems‘ GPS tracking systems are ISO-9001:2015 certified and meet the most demanding standards of the industry, including:

  • E 24 certification
  • Safety certification
  • EMC test certification
  • Tuv-Rheinland certification


Starcom Systems presents a variety of the most innovative and advanced systems for tracking and monitoring of various types of assets and people. The systems provide complete, user-friendly solutions for efficient management:


    Vehicle Tracking


    Container Tracking


    Keyless Padlock


    Merchandise Tracking


    Web Application


    Olympia Tracking App


    Employee Management App


    Control Center App