Helios case study – country: Kenya

  • country: Kenya
  • Dealer: Cyber trace
  • Field: KLB is a government owned firm charged with publishing
    educational books for both primary and secondary schools. They
    have their main office and printing plant in Nairobi and have
    provided vehicles to their regional sales staff.
  • Usage: Passenger door sensor , Hood Sensor , Fuel Level
    monitoring , Fuel Cap opening sensor , Water Temperature , Oil
    Pressure, Shock Sensor , Keypad , Ignition
  • Alerts: Accident (Shock) , Tow Alert , Water Temperature
    warning , Oil Pressure Warning , Hotwire , Main Battery Low ,
    Route Violation
  • Reports: Work Hours , Stop Hours , Speed Violations , Fuel
    Usage , Route Violations , Entering/Leaving perimeter, Miles per
    state ( province)
  • Benefits: KLB required to better manage their fleet operations
    as their previous system was manual and tedious. Our solution
    allowed them to automate the mileage claim system as well as
    ensuring that the maximum number of clients were attended to. In
    addition the sales team was very happy with the countrywide
    24x7x365 response and recovery solution afforded to them in the
    event of theft or accidents.

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