The most efficient operator tool for the unit configuration and verification of proper installation and functioning.

The application is designed to enable the local operator to provide the highest level of pre- installation service, by verifying the proper functioning of the unit and the installation process, thus saving the client’s time and money.

The application is designed to handle several tasks:
· Programming the unit according to the local network parameters and the customer’s requirements
· Loading the parameters and the updated firmware version to the units that arrived from the manufacturer
· Automated testing of the unit installation
· Verifying the unit connection to the network, and checking the reception quality
· Separate testing of the unit outputs and inputs

Efficient operation
A user-friendly interface for working with multiple units at the same time
Ability to work with the units over the air
Localization for 7 languages

Download Installer (Tool Box) App Brochure

Download Installer (Tool Box) App Tech Spec

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