Control Center

Our Control Center application defines the operational procedures to handle various emergency situations, including theft, accidents or driver emergency to ensure an immediate and appropriate response suitable for any type of event. Fully customizable, the procedures are tailored to each center with respect to the customer’s requests, local regulations, laws, and language. For example, in a case of theft, the first step would be to contact the customer to verify that the vehicle had been stolen, the second would be to contact the local police, the third would be to operate the car tracking system to identify the location of the vehicle, the fourth step would be to contact the customer’s insurance providers and so on. The software is a standalone application, refined at the operator’s emergency center. Among other feature, the application:

  • Is available in many languages enables adding languages quickly and easily.
  • Shows the units over a map using the vehicle tracking system, presenting the nearest forces that can assist, and their relevant information.
  • Keeps a log of all the actions performed, dates and users

Download Control Center Brochure