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Starcom Systems’ enhances its NEW MAPPING images at Starcom Online platform, on a FULL screen with faster and easy-to-access tools and services for all of our products! Starcom Systems goes now into the BIG SCREEN! Starting next week, the integrated MAPPING images, routes, icons and graphical tools will be shown on the screenRead More >

Olympia tracking mobile APP has been UPDATED with NEW exciting features that are available now! Starcom Systems has recently UPDATED its OLYMPIA TRACKING APP - The FASTEST alert system for your smartphone or tablet: Its NEW OUTGOING COMMANDS and REPORTING options makes Olympia APP the most efficient and user friendly monitoring mobile software! Olympia Tracking mobileRead More >

  Starcom Systems’ Helios TT WATERPROOF is the ideal solution to monitor ALL your water sport gear and open field equipment! There is an enormous economic and marketing potential opportunity that represents today the fleet monitoring control of valuable water sports equipment such as: Boats, Jet Skis, fast boats, PopRead More >

There is an enormous economic and marketing potential that represents today the dry and reefer containers market around the globe. In the past 5 years the worldwide traffic of containers cargo has steadily increased. Along with it the logistic requirement to monitor valuable merchandise in REAL TIME also raised. That is especiallyRead More >

Starcom Systems’ Kylos compact proved to be the perfect companion for a bicycle ride across the world! Kylos compact, one of the latest technological achievements of Starcom Systems, is currently making a huge bicycle ride around the globe: from London, UK until its final destination in Sydney, Australia!. This amazingRead More >

Starcom Systems is a leading Manufacturer of GPS tracking devices. As an industry leader in technology innovation, Starcom systems products are the most advanced and reliable in the field. Starcom Systems not only manufacturer its products, but also has its own in house talented development team with a professional hardware and software team. As a GPS productsRead More >

Kylos Forever is Starcom Systems’ latest technological development that can monitor over your assets or equipment placed in remote areas for months at a time. With its robust battery and monitoring once-a-day to ensure that your equipment is operating securely, Kylos Forever is able to transmit from isolated sites forRead More >

  If you are interested in being a successful GPS products wholesaler contact our sale support team today! Starcom systems is a GPS tracking device manufacturer which sells products in quantities and we are looking for other wholesalers non-manufacturers to distribute our innovative products. By selling Starcom Systems products you’ll get a full supportRead More >

Starcom Systems has expanded its operations to a complete & fresh NEW market, applying Kylos Compact to the Electric Bicycles’ market. Monitoring and securing Electrical bicycles has become a new necessity for an enormous potential and fresh market, and Kylos Compact is the perfect solution for this NEW and continuously growing sector.Read More >

Starcom Systems’ Helios TT, has been endorsed by Porsche Germany as their selected monitoring system at their dealerships. After rigorous testing, performed by Starcom’s distributor in Germany: Starcom GPS Global, Helios TT has gained Porsche’s Germany trust and commitment, starting to offer Helios TT as its unique monitoring system. Porsche dealershipsRead More >