From London To Sydney With Kylos Compact

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Starcom Systems’ Kylos compact proved to be the perfect companion for a bicycle ride across the world!

Kylos compact, one of the latest technological achievements of Starcom Systems, is currently making a huge bicycle ride around the globe: from London, UK until its final destination in Sydney, Australia!.

This amazing journey was conceived, prepared and it is being performed nowadays by Patrick Abrams and Kevin Downey, experienced and professional cyclists from Belgium and Ireland. Starcom Systems’ Kylos Compact is the official tracker of their journey. Kylos Compact is logging and following up their trip on maps and saving tracking information. Their trip can be currently followed on their dedicated site at: //

Patrick and Kevin’s interest on Starcom products was intelligent and obvious. Their main interest was to be equipped with the best and most professional equipment that would monitor in real-time their outstanding efforts accurately and trustworthy – with zero margin for miscalculations or mistakes!

With its unique features, Kylos compact enables our riders to have:
A robust, field-proven tracking device with excellent GPS/GLONASS location that withstands difficult climatic tests.
A sophisticated device that could be easily carried and would require minimum maintenance.
A monitoring unit with a worldwide coverage.
A reliable and functional device that saves time and require no physical intervention.
Easily obtaining maps and reports on the web and through any cellular phone or tablet device.
A long-lasting battery powered, wire-free, easy to operate device that does not requires any special electrical knowledge.
We congratulate Patrick and Kevin for this unique and extreme sport effort!

Starcom is proud to be a part of this amazing journey and looks forward to accompany them or anyone else in the world in these kind of interesting endeavors that enthrall the human spirit beyond limits, while having at the same time the best technological monitor device in the market to monitor and record it for future generations
Open NEW markets by offering Kylos Compact to security companies, any Cargo-on the move, personal use, or anyone that requires an intelligent Hi-Tech solution and needs to:
Respond quickly to irregularities,
Know-how and whereabouts of your assets or personnel,
Obtain a full audit trail and various system reports,
Ensure a continuous security world wide coverage,
Operate a user friendly software solution,
Use a wire-free and battery powered solution.
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