Starcom Systems – Extended Battery Life


A NEW and simple solution will extend several folds the battery life-time of all Starcom Systems products!

A NEW, simple and revolutionary solution developed recently by Starcom Systems will extend several times the battery life-time of all Starcom Systems productsWatchlock as well as Tetis and Kylos product families, will now be able to function for extended periods of times, thanks to this innovative and sophisticated feature.With the continuous growth of the market, one of the most requested features, the battery’s expected charge life time, was targeted. Using its internal built-in accelerometer, any of our products (indicated above) is able to wisely decide whether the device is standstill and decide automatically that it should shut down its internal GPS and Cellular modem, thus substantially extending the battery life-time. This allows for the various products to be used in new situations where they previously didn’t fit!

This feature does not affect whatsoever its internal and most common alerts configured, such as:

Device Kind of alert
Watchlock Opening and closing lock
Tetis family Open and closing container,
Light and temperature sensor alerts
Kylos family Emergency button,
Light and temperature sensor alerts
Applying this solution does not affect any response from Events saved in its internal memory such as: Entering or leaving perimeters, setting special transmission rates or any event related to this products.With its NEW feature, all Starcom’s mentioned products battery-time was triplicated, and in many cases the expected battery time was extended SEVEN TIMES FOLD!

  1. Operators will NOW be able to offer Watchlock as a practical solution for containers travelling long distances, or remotely located stationary assets.
  2. Kylos and Kylos compact can operate as an exceptional monitoring device, to follow-up merchandise for longer and more detailed periods of time.
  3. Tetis and Tetis R for reefer containers unique device of its kind the market, will surely be the best applied, long-lasting battery powered, monitoring solutions for long term sailing valuable merchandise.

Take advantage of this innovative feature that will expand not only the expected battery life-time of the devices but your sales as well, using the same products for new markets.

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