Starcom’s Summer Highlights

Tetis zim

It’s been a busy summer for Starcom. Our Tetis container tracking system was selected by Zim, one of the leading and largest international Shipping companies, to be featured at

Israel’s key annual logistics event, PORT2PORT. Our cooperation with Zim emphasizes Starcom’s fast growing recognition as an international market leader in the production of real time monitoring and management GPRS/GPS tracking systems, which will no doubt impress your local clients. While in Geneva, we made our second debut. Get the highlights here:

Zim Feature Starcom’s Tetis at Port2port 2013

An exhibition for trade, transport and logistics, this PORT2PORT highlighted innovative technologies for an optimal real-time controlled distribution performance. Alongside the rich exhibition set by many key logistic providers, stood the Tetis introduced within Zim’s booth. Over 2500 senior executives, exporters, importers, air and sea freight providers, logistic service providers and more from leading Israeli and global companies mingled around the most cutting edge technologies, including Starcom’s Tetis.
“The Tetis made an exceptional addition to the exhibition, with its unique sensor capabilities enabling you to control your transported goods. We were proud to cooperate with Zim and look forward to contributing to next years event,” Avi Hartmann, Starcom Systems CEO.

Starcom Presents at the United Nations
In it’s second UN debut, Starcom introduced the Tetis at the Transport division UNECE conference in Geneva, Switzerland. More then 70 participants from governments, industry experts, the European Union and international organizations took part in a roundtable showcasing how modern technologies such as real-time monitoring/GPS tracking can raise efficiency and security in Customs transit procedures.
Starcom demonstrated how the Tetis Container tracking device provides for a more efficient, reliable and accurate reporting to customs and tax authorities through its container route reports. Konstantin Glukhenkiy from the UNECE Transport Division expressed thanks to Starcom for an “excellent presentation” and commented that he looks forward to “our future cooperation.”

Fast Facts about the Tetis
A real time container tracking system for security and management.

GPRS + GPS (built in antennas), Accelerometer, 5000 mAh battery.

Features and Benefits:

  • Real time monitoring – provides real time container location and the condition of it’s doors
  • Built in light and temperature sensors – provides real time alerts in cases of container’s breach and deviations from predefined temperature.
  • No container stays behind – automatic alerts in cases where the container does not leave the port on time
  • Global SIM Card – the Tetis operates worldwide
  • Optional chaining extra battery
  • Online application for monitoring and tracking of containers.

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