April 27th, 2006: Starcom Update – Changes of the installer application and the LCU-500

Dear Clients,

We’re proud to get back to you with the latest updates, which in most part are unique to Starcom Systems, using algorithms that were developed in the company.

On the web application, the following changes were made:

  • Encrypted login – for increased security. Even with a non-secure web access your password is still protected!
  • Analog inputs calibration is now available to support any sort of analog measurements.
  • Analog report was added to graphically visualize the change of the analog measurements.
  • The work hours report was redesigned to give a better review on the vehicle’s whereabouts.
  • New work hours summary reports was added to give a quick view of the entire fleet work summary.
  • Two new translations were added to the application – Greek (Ελληνικά) and Italian (Italiano).
  • The Spanish (Español) translation was updated.
  • Improvements were made for the speed of the site.
  • Demo is now available per operator! If you are an operator and not yet have a demo for your local territory feel free to contact us to have this feature for your own local area!
  • Two new colors were added: //starcomsystems.com/online/green.htm and //starcomsystems.com/online/red.htm (Log in with “demo” as user and password). Feel free to contact us if you are an operator and want to change your default template!

On the installer application and the LCU-500, the following changes were made:

  • A “TCP Test” was added to the installer application, to make sure the unit can connect to the GPRS or 1x network. (Installer application – every unit is supported).
  • A “Signal Test” was added to make sure the cellular signal is good. (Installer application – every unit is supported).
  • Entering an empty SMS Center, or simply one forward slash (/) as the SMS Center, will make the unit read the SMS Center out of the SIM card itself. (Installer application – any GSM unit is supported).
  • TCP disconnection when the unit is armed was added for units since firmware version 2006.03.21. This will make sure the units consume less power in arm mode, as well as have zero communication costs when it’s armed.
  • An option was added to disable the keypad’s emergency button (supported on units since firmware version 2006.03.26).
  • Fuel tank measurements has been heavily tested and is proved to be functioning well. Contact us for more information about that.

On the business aspect:
In the last two months 4 more new centers were opened where the product and services can be purchased:

  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Barbados
  3. Ecuador
  4. Greece

Links to the local operators can be found on our site under “Partners”

The PL:
The Personal Locator development is moving forward and we expect to have the first units on August.