Starcom Systems provides advanced management hardware and software solutions for any purpose. Our line of hardware solutions includes fleet management,  container and asset management, and our unique smart reporting padlock. All units can be managed under one platform – with our web and mobile applications.


Vehicle Tracking

Helios is our advanced AVL device, covering every aspect of vehicle tracking for any need. For over 13 years, Helios is the choice of fleet managers, security companies, car dealerships and both commercial and government organizations around the world.


Container Tracking

Tetis, Tetis R and Tetis R Hybrid provide the perfect solution for the tracking, monitoring, and management of your cargo shipped through the sea. Tetis monitors every aspect of the shipping process from the moment the container is sealed until it safely arrives in its destination.


Smart Keyless Lock

An innovative reporting padlock with advanced GPS, GSM and BLE connectivity. Functions as a full security system with user management ability, which provides real-time information about its location, any locking and unlocking as well as any breaching attempts. Requires no keys to unlock.


Merchandise Tracking

Kylos is a real-time tracking and monitoring solution for the protection and management of any portable asset. It offers an automatic remote track and trace features and continuous control of your assets. Ideal for merchandise, air shipped cargo and assets in remote areas.


Web Application

Starcom Systems’ Online web application is one of the most effective tools for a web-based fleet, container and asset management. With Starcom Online you can easily manage all your hardware under one platform from any device, anywhere around the globe.


Control Center Application

Our web-based Control Center application is designed for operational security centers. With the Control Center application, you can manage emergency events efficiently. The system allows ease of operation and ensures an immediate response suitable for any type of event.


Olympia Tracking

Olympia Tracking mobile application brings Starcom Online to your mobile device. The application is both for iOS and for Android devices, feature detailed maps, real-time alerts and the ability to manage all your assets in one platform.


Management Application

Zeppos by Starcom Systems is an advanced employee management application which brings the advantages of Starcom’s hardware solutions to your cell-phones, smartwatches, and tablets.