Regulatory News

4 January 2022t42 signs five year U.S. distribution contractPDF
23 December 2021Issue of Convertible Loan Notes and WarrantsPDF
17 December 2021Agreement to Supply Container Tracking DevicesPDF
16 December 2021Director ShareholdingPDF
1 December 2021Director ChangePDF
26 November 2021Change of NamePDF
19 November 2021Result of GMPDF
3 November 2021Notice of GM, Change of Name, Share ConsolidationPDF
29 October 2021Total Voting RightsPDF
22 October 2021Issue of equity raises £450,000PDF
22 October 2021Trading updatePDF
1 October 2021Director ShareholdingsPDF
1 October 2021Conversion of loans and Director shareholdingsPDF
27 August 2021Interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2021PDF
15 July 2021Result of AGM and Grant of OptionsPDF
15 July 2021AGM StatementPDF
7 July 2021Lokies trial with DHLPDF
23 June 2021Notice of AGM and proposed grant of optionsPDF
18 June 2021Lokies achieves first place in DHL ChallengePDF
28 May 2021Total Voting RightsPDF
26 May 2021Director/PDMR ShareholdingPDF
24 May 2021Director/PDMR Shareholding, issue of equity & TVRPDF
25 March 2021Final Results For the Year Ended 31 December 2020PDF
10 February 2021Trading updatePDF
10 December 2020New Loan FacilityPDF
15 October 2020Trading updatePDF
20 August 2020Interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2020PDF
13 July 2020Result of AGMPDF
6 July 2020New bank facilityPDF
26 June 2020Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGMPDF
28 May 2020Total Voting RightsPDF
15 May 2020Conversion of Director's Deferred SalaryPDF
22 April 2020Trading updatePDF
25 March 2020Loans from Directors and Grant of WarrantsPDF
2 March 2020Final Results For the Year Ended 31 December 2019PDF
19 February 2020New Agreement with CubeMonkPDF
17 February 2020Updated Contract with Zero MotorcyclesPDF
3 February 2020Trading updatePDF
12 December 2019Director/PDMR ShareholdingPDF
12 December 2019Business UpdatePDF
31 October 2019Kylos Air Partner UpdatePDF
30 September 2019Litigation UpdatePDF
19 August 2019Director/PDMR ShareholdingPDF
16 August 2019Director/PDMR ShareholdingPDF
13 August 2019Interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2019PDF
12 August 2019Update on Agreement with XplosivePDF
4 July 2019Update Re AuditorPDF
30 June 2019Total Voting RightsPDF
20 June 2019Director ShareholdingPDF
17 June 2019Result of AGMPDF
17 June 2019AGM StatementPDF
3 June 2019Update on North African DistributorPDF
31 May 2019Notice of AGM and Proposed Grant of OptionsPDF
24 May 2019Directorate ChangePDF
30 April 2019Total Voting RightsPDF
18 April 2019Issue of equityPDF
5 April 2019Launch of LokiesPDF
22 March 2019New WIMC AgreementPDF
18 March 2019Final Results For the Year Ended 31 December 2018PDF
26 February 2019Launch of Electric MotorcyclePDF
7 February 2019Xplosive AgreementPDF
31 January 2019Receipt of FundsPDF
31 January 2019Appointment of CFO and Change of Nominated AdviserPDF
29 January 2019Trading updatePDF
17 January 2019Holding(s) in CompanyPDF
16 January 2019Director DeclarationPDF
11 January 2019Business updatePDF
5 December 2018Nominated Adviser StatusPDF
30 November 2018Total Voting RightsPDF
7 November 2018Distribution Agreement and PlacingPDF
29 August 2018Interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2018PDF
30 July 2018Trading updatePDF
2 July 2018Total Voting RightsPDF
26 June 2018Block listing six monthly returnPDF
31 May 2018Total Voting RightsPDF
23 May 2018PlacingPDF
17 May 2018Launch of Watchlock CubePDF
23 April 2018Exercise of Warrants and Director DealingPDF
10 April 2018Grant of OptionsPDF
9 April 2018Result of AGMPDF
9 April 2018AGM StatementPDF
4 April 2018Total Voting RightsPDF
22 March 2018Annual Report and Notice of AGMPDF
15 March 2018Change of Registered OfficePDF
8 March 2018Final Results For the Year Ended 31 December 2017PDF
22 February 2018Holding(s) in CompanyPDF
22 February 2018Holding(s) in CompanyPDF
22 February 2018Trading statementPDF
1 February 2018Exercise of WarrantsPDF
31 January 2018Total Voting RightsPDF
30 January 2018Holding(s) in CompanyPDF
23 January 2018Replacement: Trading updatePDF
23 January 2018PlacingPDF
18 January 2018Trading updatePDF
22 December 2017Senior management appointmentPDF
30 October 2017PlacingPDF
26 October 2017Result of GMPDF
24 October 2017New Strategic Kylos Forever AgreementPDF
2 October 2017Resignation of Chief Financial OfficerPDF
29 September 2017Interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2017PDF
29 September 2017Total Voting RightsPDF
8 September 2017Strategic Collaboration AgreementPDF
30 August 2017Holding(s) in CompanyPDF
30 August 2017Agreement with CropXPDF
30 August 2017Appointment of CFOPDF
29 June 2017Grant of OptionsPDF
26 June 2017Director/PDMR ShareholdingsPDF
23 June 2017Holding(s) in CompanyPDF
21 June 2017Director/PDMR transactionPDF
21 June 2017Placing and Warrant IssuePDF
15 June 2017Major Supply and Support AgreementPDF
30 May 2017AGM StatementPDF
30 May 2017Result of AGMPDF
18 May 2017Issue of equityPDF
8 May 2017Annual Report and Notice of AGMPDF
27 April 2017Issue of equityPDF
28 March 2017Loan facilityPDF
23 March 2017Availability of Annual ReportPDF
22 March 2017Final Results For the Year Ended 31 December 2016PDF
27 February 2017Trading UpdatePDF
30 November 2016Notification of Major Interest in SharesPDF
30 November 2016Total Voting RightsPDF
24 November 2016PlacingPDF
10 November 2016Kylos Air Customer ApprovalPDF
24 October 2016Holding(s) in companyPDF
21 October 2016PlacingPDF
17 October 2016Litigation updatePDF
30 September 2016Update on Distributor OrderPDF
7 September 2016Board AppointmentPDF
7 September 2016Interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2016PDF
19 July 2016Director/PDMR ShareholdingPDF
1 June 2016Total voting rightsPDF
25 May 2016Holding(s) in companyPDF
5 May 2016Holding(s) in companyPDF
3 May 2016Result of AGMPDF
12 April 2016Annual Report and Notice of AGMPDF
5 April 2016Holding(s) in companyPDF
5 April 2016Holding(s) in companyPDF
4 April 2016Holding(s) in companyPDF
1 April 2016Holding(s) in companyPDF
30 March 2016Holding(s) in companyPDF
24 March 2016Placing and Directors' DealingsPDF
11 March 2016Final Results For the Year Ended 31 December 2015PDF
7 March 2016Appointment of Joint BrokerPDF
19 February 2016Issue of equityPDF
8 February 2016Holding(s) in companyPDF
1 February 2016Total voting rightsPDF
20 January 2016Contract extensionPDF
14 January 2016Issue of equityPDF
22 December 2015Notification of major interest in sharesPDF
14 December 2015Notification of major interest in sharesPDF
9 December 2015Holding(s) in companyPDF
8 December 2015Issue of equityPDF
3 December 2015Major Supply AgreementPDF
26 November 2015Director's DealingsPDF
26 November 2015Director's DealingsPDF
16 November 2015Issue of equityPDF
12 November 2015North American Technology and Distribution PartnershipPDF
15 October 2015Convertible Loan FacilityPDF
15 October 2015Distributor OrderPDF
7 October 2015Directors' DealingsPDF
30 September 2015Directorate ChangePDF
8 September 2015Helios Hybrid OrderPDF
21 August 2015Interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2015PDF
3 August 2015Directorate ChangePDF
29 June 2015Result of AGMPDF
19 June 2015Notification of major interest in sharesPDF
19 June 2015Directorate ChangePDF
17 June 2015Change of Registered OfficePDF
11 June 2015Annual Report and Notice of AGMPDF
1 June 2015Placing, Directors' Dealings and Appointment of New CFOPDF
26 May 2015Notification of Major Interest in SharesPDF
15 May 2015Final Results For the Year Ended 31 December 2014PDF
8 April 2015Change in accounting policyPDF
14 January 2015Statement Re: Bulletin Board RumoursPDF
3 December 2014LitigationPDF
23 September 2014Interim results for the half year ended 30 June 2014PDF
17 July 2014New distribution arrangements in Central and South AmericaPDF
27 May 2014AGM StatementPDF
27 May 2014Contract Win and Trading UpdatePDF
10 April 2014Annual Report and Notice of General MeetingPDF
2 April 2014Final Results for the year ended 31st December 2013PDF
21 March 2014Update on Trading StatementPDF
7 February 2014Notification of Major Interest in SharesPDF
3 February 2014Issue of equityPDF
15 January 2014Pre-Close Trading UpdatePDF
30 September 2013Interim results for the half year ended 30 June 2013PDF
22 July 2013Result of AGMPDF
28 June 2013Posting of Report and Accounts & Notice of AGMPDF
13 June 2013Contract win - distribution agreement with Benish GPS UkrainePDF
16 May 2013Preliminary combined results for the year ended 31 December 2012PDF
27 February 2013First day of dealingPDF