Rail cargo supply chain in the IoT era

By Avi Hartmann, CEO Starcom Systems

Rail cargo delivery has its benefits. Among them we can list cargo safety, cost efficiency, and time efficiency. These benefits com on top of the rail contribution to the environment – every package delivered by train is one less package traveling through trucks and roads, thereby reducing emissions and road accident risk.… Read More...

The need for information


Avi Hartmann, CEO Starcom Systems

After 18 months, it is not a secret that the global COVID-19 pandemic, had a dramatic impact on global container logistics. Many port authorities are still significantly understaffed, some are still under serious movement restrictions or partial lockdowns, which results in a global container shortage.… Read More...

Extreme Tracking

Meeting the challenges of tracking shipments in extreme conditions

By Maxim Perry, VP Sales & Product Starcom Systems


Goods are moving around the world further and faster, and reaching the four corners of the globe. As shipping lanes via land, sea and air new challenges are being faced, not least the extreme conditions goods, sometimes very sensitive to temperature or humidity changes, have to pass through.Read More...