The Connected Motorcycle Tracking Market About to Boom

By Maxim Perry, VP Sales & Product Starcom Systems


Starcom has been working in the Connected Motorcycle field for a while; taking state of the art fleet management technology and applying it to the specific needs of motorbikes. A study released by Markets And Markets forecasts huge growth in this sector, from US$39 million in 2019 to US$912 million by 2027. According to the report, that mentions Starcom, the growth will be fueled by both demand and technology globally and especially in APAC (Asia Pacific), North America and Europe. 


What is fueling the future?

More and more, companies are looking to track and monitor their motorcycle fleets. For some companies, such as courier and delivery services this is essential. For others, with urban congestion growing, more and more of their fleet is moving from 4 wheels to 2 wheels and from fossil fuels to electric. 


For courier and delivery bikes, there is an obvious need to track where shipments are at any given time, and where drivers / riders are at any given moment. But the need goes beyond this with tracking technology being used for safety, security, operational and economical reasons too. This is where the requirements of delivery services and other fleets converge.


When it comes to safety and security getting alerts on possible thefts, vehicle towing or monitoring lack of movement or movement beyond designated areas can save not only costs but lives. From an operational and economical standpoint, analyzing the data can optimize operations and save time and money. Having information in real time, means real time decision making. Getting real time email and SMS alerts, means being able to react in real time. Having the information available means that you can inform customers, partners or meetings accurately giving them confidence in your professionalism and ultimately satisfaction.


There are a number of sectors looking at offering Connected Motorcycle technology, including:

  • Delivery and courier services
  • Security and insurance companies
  • Motorcycle manufacturers and dealerships
  • Fleet managers at corporations
  • Vehicle hire companies


The 2-Wheel Challenge

When Starcom designed Helios TT, we looked at the main challenges of tracking motorbikes, jet skis and electric vehicles. As we mapped the challenges we found there were a number of similarities. It is a matter of adapted technology to a list of specific set of requirements:



The most obvious restriction is size. Being able to discreetly and comfortably mount a tracking unit is a challenge. Weight is also a factor. Units need to be smaller and lighter with the same functionality and capabilities.



Motorcycles have smaller battery capacities, meaning that units need to be power efficient taking very low voltage and power from the vehicle. All of this in the smaller unit size.


Water and Weather

Unlike a car, van or truck, motorcycles are more open to the elements. Units need to be weatherproof and waterproof. 



You not only need to know where the vehicle is, you need to know when something extraordinary happens, such as the motorbike being towed, or has moved beyond the borders of a designated area.


Real Time Alerts

It is all well and good being able to monitor real time, but the system also needs to be able to alert you when you are not watching. Sending SMS and email alerts in real time to events is critical for control, safety and security.


Global and Regional

Having detailed global maps is essential in being able to track and monitor motorcycles effectively anywhere in the world. You cannot wait for new maps to be developed, you need to be able to access an existing detailed world map instantly.


Tracking Connectivity

The units, which are already smaller, lighter and waterproof, need to be able to send tracking information on both GPS and cellular networks, meaning maximum coverage. With 5G on the horizon this is going to be one of the key growth factors in the new decade.


Case Study

Starcom launched a project with Zero Motorcycles, providers of electric motorcycles to supply them with Connected Motorcycle technology, that has become an integral part of their offering giving their clients peace of mind when it comes to the security of their motorcycles globally. 


Connected Motorcycle technology is already in high demand from fleet managers, courier and delivery services, security companies, corporate fleet managers, motorcycle manufacturers and dealerships, and vehicle hire and leasing companies.  Contact us to find out more.