Lokies – The Next Generation of Security

A new dawn breaks in security technologies! Starcom Systems is proud to introduce Lokies – a revolutionary, keyless smart padlock, which functions as a full security system. Based on years of experience, this one-of-a-kind reporting padlock gives the word “Security” a whole new meaning, with unmatched capabilities!

Lokies eliminates your need for a set of keys. Never again will you have to worry about misplacing, managing or distributing keys, as this padlock can be remotely opened and accessed through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity or through web and mobile applications. The key is you!

The access control feature can generate unique user IDs, making sure only the right people can get access, and only at the right times and places. Moreover, the system allows you to maintain a full log of when the lock was opened, for how long and by who, turning the lock into an intelligent management tool.

Similar to the WatchLock series, Lokies comes equipped with GPS and cellular connectivity, which will ensure you know the lock’s location and condition. It will report instantly in any case of break-in or damage to the lock. But this new product also presents a shackle which is a revolution in itself.

Lokies’ shackle is truly ground-breaking, as it has the unique ability to detect any breach to the actual shackle and report it in real-time. This gives yet another layer in security, you haven’t been given before. The lock also has the option to come with a flexible shackle, that could be customized in any length! With the flexible shackle, you could use one padlock in a setting which previously needed multiple padlocks and secure a lot more with greater ease!

The BLE connectivity also allows Lokies to connect to nearby devices and sensors. For example, connecting the lock to temperature and light sensors, inside the guarded cargo, allows you to better monitor the cargo’s condition, while all the information will be transmitted through the lock into one database.

Lokies is a stand-alone autonomous system, which requires no wiring or installation and can easily be transferred between different containers and locations. It can be suited for a variety of different markets, as it can protect inventory, commercial goods, supplies, venues or cargo, from anywhere. Its strong battery makes it the ideal solution for the most remote assets. An external added battery can also be equipped, giving you an extended period of use, like never before!

This amazing revolution in technology holds great potential to gain new markets.

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