Life-Saving Technology

We see it as our purpose to implement our technological capabilities to benefit people’s safety and general well-being. Starcom Systems utilizes its technology to assist emergency services and potentially saves the lives of people who experience heart arrhythmia too far from their nearest hospital. Our real-time transmission abilities help bridge the possible gap created if emergency services are not able to get to the location in time.

Starcom Systems is currently working on a project where its technology will be included in hundreds of defibrillator stations placed in public areas. These stations can be used in case of such an emergency and can be remotely opened by Health Services and thus people within close proximity to a station can use it to save a man’s life while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

This project will create a smart station, which is remotely operated. On the control room’s command, the box will be open, an alarm will be sound and red strobe start to flash. As back up, a mechanical combination lock is available. The control room will be alerted if the defibrillator will be out of its position.

How will this be made possible? Starcom Systems’ very own Helios TT will be installed in each of these stations to provide the remote access. The system will also provide an alert for whenever the defibrillator is taken out of the station. The vehicle compact track and trace system is versatile enough to be used in multiple applications that are not exclusive just to vehicles and fleets. In this instance, the Helios becomes essential in time-saving that could lead to life-saving.

This further demonstrates Starcom Systems’ technological ability to enable the remote opening of any secured door or gate. This feature allows for both convenience and peace of mind of knowing that only those who are authorized will be the ones to get this access.

For more information regarding the project and the various possible uses of Helios, contact us today at: [email protected]