Cattle Monitoring with Starcom’s IoT Technology

Starcom Systems has brought forth its IoT technology, to be implemented in various markets. We previously adapted our Kylos technology to create a smarter soil intelligence platform for CropX, using special sensors, which measure temperature, humidity, and conductivity, that allows farmers to accurately measure the irrigation needs of the field in real-time.

The technology demonstrated real-time data capabilities for agriculture with the potential for further implementations and uses. With that in mind, we’ve entered into a supply and support agreement with Xplosive Solutions in South Africa, to supply Kylos units.

Cattle theft has become a serious problem in the South African market. Our cooperation with Xplosive is meant to solve this problem. The Kylos units supplied will be used on Xplosive’s cattle collar to develop a cost-effective and reliable solution to offer security and theft prevention to the South African cattle industry, as well as to speed the process of rounding-up cattle which graze over large tracts of land.

This partnership is yet another example of how Starcom Systems can creatively apply its advanced IoT technology to meet tracking and security challenges in various markets. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to seek more opportunities for IoT implementations for more industries and fields of expertise, while making the necessary adjustments and updates to our products to meets the challenges of these industries.

Our IoT solutions continue to hold the major potential of gaining new customers and markets, with advanced technology and high adaptability.

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