2018 Is Coming To A Close

The holiday season is upon us. A time to look back and reminisce on what a great impact 2018 has made on all of us! We have been working without end this year to break through new frontiers with our products, and to stay at the very top of the technological innovation of monitoring solutions for various uses. So, let’s journey back and recall Starcom Systems’ main events of 2018.

1. Over the Air Firmware Update: The FOTA feature made it possible for the first time, to update any battery powered unit with one click, in a quick user-friendly process. These units could now be updated directly from Starcom Online with only one click. This feature provides full access to firmware updates from any browser anytime and anywhere. No local routing server is required for most of our operators, and all updates can be done on the web from any device

2. The New Starcom Website: We’ve launched a brand-new website, with a whole new design, a user-friendly layout and updated, detailed information about our company and our line of advanced hardware and software solutions. The new website provides detailed information about us, all relevant investors relations info, our partners’ success stories, and more.

3. Security Pilot in Russia: We are taking part in the unique security pilot by the Russian Railway Security Federal Government Company. Our hardware and software solutions are securing thousands of containers, as part of an initiative to secure all goods sent through Russia with e-security devices.

4. Israel’s UN Mission: Starcom Systems took part in the special seminar, launched to increase business ties between Israeli companies and the UN. During the two-day long event, companies from the security, cyber, information communications technology, environment water, and sanitation industries, got the chance to meet with the various UN departments and agencies that spend $17 billion annually on goods and services from the world.

5. Electric Bike Integration: The Helios Advanced system was introduced to several electric bike manufacturers, as several hundred units were supplied to provide security and deliver in-depth information, such as positioning and battery status. All these while using the lowest power consumption in the industry!

6. WatchLock Cube: We’ve introduced the latest addition to the WatchLock series. The user-friendly WatchLock Cube features a more flexible, versatile design, and can be used on a variety of padlocks. WatchLock Cube provides an advanced GPS and cellular technology in the design of a padlock.

7. The Morbihan Challenge in France: In the summer, Helios TT and Kylos Compact took to the waters of the French Morbihan district, as Starcom Systems sponsored the unique 12-hour sailing challenge, The Morbihan Challenge. These products were essential in the live tracking and tracing of the participating sailboats, illustrating once again the wide variety of uses that Starcom’s products are capable of.

8. Global Container Security and Tracking Market 2018-2022 report: We’ve been named as one of the key vendors of the Global Container Security and Tracking Market. This was all due to our hardware and software solutions, which are used to track, secure and monitor the containers during transit, from the moment they are sealed until they arrive safely at their destination. The Tetis line of products is the main reason for this achievement.

9. IoT capabilities: We’ve successfully upgraded our technological skills to enter the vast world of IoT (Internet of Things), in order to bridge the technological gap for industries, which weren’t previously able to take advantage of such technologies. Such an example is our partners in CropX, for which we’ve upgraded our existing Kylos Air technology to develop a new IoT platform. Starcom Systems intends to lead the connected future of its products, bringing forth IoT implementations of security, fleet management, connected supply chain and more.

10. 4G upgrades: We’ve upgraded several of our products with new 4G LTE Cat-M1 modem, to ensure faster and stronger capabilities, and at a lower operating cost. The Helios upgraded products are already functional in Australia, and Kylos has successfully passed the Verizon certification test for operating on Verizon’s 4G LTE network in North America. We plan to implement these upgrades to our other hardware products, in future hardware updates.

11. Helios senses the fuel levels: we’ve signed an agreement with a local distributor in North Africa for the supply of Helios Advanced units upgraded with the ability to accurately read the fuel status inside tankers. With this option, Helios will connect to more aspects in the truck and provide more essential information. The integration is done digitally through the CANBUS to allow for the most accurate reading of the fuel level and for the spotting of any fuel forgery attempts. This feature will provide fleet managers with accurate data on the level and volume of fuel in the tank and correctly detects tank refilling and fuel draining volumes.

This past year has been both challenging and rewarding, and we are so excited to enter 2019 with many more opportunities and goals. The future is definitely looking brighter!

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