Cold chain logistics in the hot season

It’s springtime, which means summer is right around the corner with its cold chain logistics challenges. Assuring your cargo’s safety and quality during heat waves and chaotic weather conditions requires close monitoring of every link in your supply chain.

Luckily, Starcom Systems has multiple tracking and monitoring solutions which can assure the quality of your sensitive cargo. Our advanced hardware solutions detect any deviation from desired temperature and humidity range. Our advanced mobile and web-based software solutions provide real-time alerts with any irregular event and detailed after-the-fact reports, allowing you to better manage your supply chain.

Helios and Helios TT can both closely monitor your refrigerator trucks, providing real time alerts to the driver in any case of temperature or humidity peaks. Additionally, thanks to multiple analogue inputs and outputs, Helios can also provide an alert with any irregular event related to the refrigerated cargo container.

Kylos Air is the ideal solution for your air shipments. This standalone unit complies with the airlines regulations and requires no installation. It monitors the cargo’s temperature and provides real time alerts and detailed after the fact reports, including the cargo’s conditions during the flight itself. Kylos Forever and Kylos compact can closely monitor any package without any installation, making them into a user-friendly ad-hoc monitoring solution for any cargo..

While Kylos products manage your cargo up in the air and in land –  Tetis R monitors closely your cargo at sea, including your reefer containers, from the moment they are sealed and until their safe arrival and unloading is completed. And while Tetis R monitors closely your cargo every step of the way, Tetis R Hybrid with its Iridium satellite communication module allows you to maintain communication even when the container is at sea, far from cellular communication range. 

To complete your efficient and precise cargo management – our web and mobile application – Starcom Online and Olympia Tracking provide real time alerts and full management of your various units, all in one management system. Don’t be caught off guard by the heat waves and temperature peaks. Offer your customers the best monitoring systems for their cold chain logistics by Starcom Systems.

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