Aircrew located and rescued thanks to Kylos Forever

Aircrew located and rescued thanks to Kylos Forever

Aircrew located and rescued thanks to Kylos Forever

Kylos Forever, our sophisticated portable stand-alone tracking device – took a great part in the search and rescue efforts of a pilot and a flight instructor, who had an emergency event during a routine instruction flight.

A flight school with a fleet of Cessna aircrafts has decided to install Starcom Systems management solutions in its fleet in order to have better management of the aircrafts’ day-to-day activity. Additionally, the information retrieved from the units is being used as part of the post-flight debrief process. Starcom Online’s detailed map and logbook allows pilots and flight instructors to have a detailed map of the flight route after landing, including exact times and locations.

A couple of months ago, Kylos Forever which was installed in one of the aircrafts helped in the search and rescue efforts of two men aircrew after an emergency landing in an open field. Problems started during take-off, when technical failure led to power loss of the engine. As was later discovered by a researcher who examined the accident’s details – a magneto gear was broken inside the engine and was the cause to the rare situation. The flight instructor was able to communicate with the control tower and announce the emergency and his intention to perform an emergency landing. This resulted with a forced-landing in an open field.

The control tower immediately reacted and launched a search and rescue plane.

While in the air, the search and rescue plane was assisted by the information retrieved from Starcom Online. The team located the Cessna aircraft, which crash-landed on top a greenhouse. Fire fighters were able to reach the aircraft and rescue both the pilot and the flight instructor who were injured. Thanks to the immediate response and the ability of locating aircrew members’ exact location fast – they were taken to a hospital almost immediately after the forced landing, where they both fully recovered.

The information retrieved from the unit’s logger and from Starcom Online had an important role in the investigation of the event by the air accident investigator.

Thanks to the Kylos Forever – the event ended with no casualties and the investigation post the event was efficient and effective.

Luckily, this event ended well. As luck favours the prepared – Kylos Forever had a major role at this positive turn of events. Knowing where your assets are, their exact location and condition is a valuable tool, saving life and valuable equipment.