Helios’ Cross-Border Success

Helios' Cross-Border Success

Helios’ Cross-Border Success

Helios car tracking system is an ongoing success story. Our trustworthy, state of the art car tracking and monitoring device is the choice of organizations and individuals all over the world.

Its precise global location abilities make the Helios a favorite for both private organizations and for governments, police forces and other local and global agencies around the world. One of them, the Government of Malawi, made Helios its choice and installed it in its fleet of vehicles through Starcom’s local Malawian partner – Aspen Limited.

This turned out to be a good choice after a car theft and concealment event took place this August in both Malawi and Mozambique. On the night of Wednesday, August 16th, 2017, a White Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to the Government of Malawi was hijacked from its assigned driver.

The morning after, the government’s contact person contacted Aspen Limited which responded immediately and contacted the Malawi Police – to assist with the recovery of the vehicle which was active and continued to transmit data, even from Mozambique!

The car thieves made sure to conceal the car and changed its license plates immediately. However, thanks to the real- time data Aspen Limited received – such as
the vehicle’s driving direction, speed, engine status and the vehicle’s exact location – the car was tracked down easily.

The ability to identify engine idle and to easily measure distance from various map points made the recovery of the vehicle possible and within 11 hours from the car-jacking it was recovered.

With Helios Advance you are in control of every possible situation, even in the event of car-jacking and border-crossing. The open system and its platform allow integration of every situation, both simple and complicated. Our emergency button allows for drivers to immediately inform the fleet manager in an emergency event.

Recovery of a vehicle with our location services, and while all relevant information constantly streamlines through our online and mobile application – is quick and easy with Helios.

Make sure your customers’ vehicles are safe and secured – with Helios Advance various options they can be confident and stay in control.