Tetis R: Summer Logistics Must-Have!

Tetis R: Summer logistics Must-Have!

Tetis R: Summer Logistics Must-Have!

Summer is here and temperatures and humidity are on the rise. For logistics companies, managing cold chain logistics – this brings a significant challenge. Making sure sensitive cargo and perishables are transferred in the right temperature and humidity range is crucial for such operations.

Thanks to Tetis R – Starcom Systems’ advanced reefer container tracking and monitoring system – it is easy to keep track of your cargo and monitor its condition in real time and after the fact. Tetis R will trigger alerts to notify of any deviations from predefined settings in temperature and humidity, so that users are informed of any changes or problems with their shipment.

When shipping and handling sensitive or perishable cargo – identifying a problem and its source as soon as possible is critical. Thanks to Tetis R – you and your customers can enjoy advanced technology benefiting your business and providing you with a competitive advantage.

Tetis R records temperature, humidity and light exposure in pre-defined time intervals – providing both real time alerts with any deviation and a logger of the container’s trip. This allows users to locate the source and the responsible party for any problem occurring with the shipment.

Knowledge is power, and in this case being notified ahead of time of any shipment problems allows users to respond and prepare ahead of time in any case of damaged shipment. One of our partners shared with us, that when he knows ahead of time of a temperature peak in a fruit shipment, he has the ability to prioritize the sale of these fruits – knowing they will not last long.

Another partner shared with us his ability to avert crisis thanks to an alert from Tetis R. He received an alert notifying that a large shipment of frozen foods sent for the holiday season was exposed to high temperature, resulting in the need to destroy the shipment. Knowing this ahead of time, in lieu of discovering this when the shipment arrived – allowed for a new shipment to be sent immediately, just in time for the holiday season.

This summertime – offer your customers Tetis R – our advanced reefer container tracking and monitoring system. Boost your sales and business today by offering the latest technology – keeping the summer heat under control when it comes to shipping cargo.