Starcom Online: Don’t settle for less!

Starcom Online: Don't settle for less!

Starcom Online: Don’t settle for less!

Starcom Online, our advanced online portal is one of our customer’s favorite product. Together with Olympia Tracking mobile application it is the best management tool for all your assets from anywhere around the world at any time. No wonder, that everyone wants it!

Over the years, we’ve received multiple requests from our customers around the globe who would like to add existing hardware units which were not manufactured by Starcom Systems and integrate them with Starcom Online and Olympia Tracking.

Therefore, we have recently integrated many hardware units to work with Starcom Online. Among the units we’ve integrated you may find various Teltonika devices, various WondeX devices, Tramigo T23, Spetrotec MTS, WebTech WT5000, Enfora Enabler, Enfora Evolution and Intellitrack X1.

We are also willing to open and integrate additional hardware units, should you need us to.

Now, you don’t have to settle for anything less than Starcom Online. And thanks to the ability of integrating non-Starcom units – you can use only one platform to fit all your fleet, assets and team members, regardless to your hardware models. This makes it easy to upgrade both your hardware and software gradually, as you are not obligated to remove existing hardware solutions.

Using Starcom Systems’ hardware units is still the only way to use our advanced flexible event generator – allowing you to define any combination of events in which a real time alert will be sent.

With our event generator, an alert could be generated by any opening of the cargo door outside the authorized unloading zone. The software also enables to easily define the destination of the alert and the priority of the routing, thus providing a real-time monitoring from anywhere at any time.

While we highly recommend using our high-end line of tracking and monitoring hardware solutions – Helios, Tetis, Kylos and Watchlock – we fully understand the desire to upgrade your software to Starcom Online.

Our web and mobile applications are an effective and efficient tool to manage your fleet, assets and team members. You can track all these assets on one detailed map and receive all relevant information and statistics – both in real-time and as an after-fact reports.

Starcom Online and Olympia Tracking are both optimized for various mobile devices.

You no longer have to settle for less! It’s time to offer your customers to upgrade their web application and fleet management software to Starcom Online.