Zeppos – The new tracking App

Zeppos - The new tracking App

Zeppos – The new tracking App

Starcom Systems is proud to present Zeppos – a new track and trace application for mobile devices. Zeppos allows you to turn any mobile device into an end unit, which you can easily and conveniently track through Starcom Online and Olympia tracking.

The Zeppos application allows dispatchers and fleet managers to manage both their vehicles and their drivers / team members. The application provides information in regards to location and velocity of the unit, and allows you to create events through our event generator which are either speed or location based (or both).

Our events generator allows managers to define specific segments and parameters in which an alert will be sent – in example a deviation from a restricted area, during a specific time, a combination of the two and much more. This pre-defined tool creates an efficient and relevant system management without creating an overload of unnecessary alerts.

During peak season, when using a rental vehicle which is not installed with Helios yet – Zeppos is a great solution.

Installation and usage of the application are fast, simple and easy: you download the application into the smartphone you’d like to track and receive a code and a QR code. The fleet manager or dispatcher then scan or enter the code into Olympia Tracking or Starcom Online – and that’s it.

The smartphone will now appear as an end unit on both Starcom Online and Olympia Tracking.

Zeppos application can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you can activate the unit simply by sending an email to our support team.

We are celebrating the launch of Zeppos with a free trial between now and the end of March.

As a special launch promotion, the application is now offered for free until the end of March. Following that date, it will be charged per end unit per month.

Try Zeppos and download it today – this is a great new tool and a great opportunity to expand your sales, and address NEW markets.