Kylos Air – Approved by Amerijet

Kylos Air – approved by Amerijet

Kylos Air – approved by Amerijet

Kylos Air, our latest addition to the Kylos family of products – has introduced Starcom Systems advanced technology to the world of sensitive air cargo. With growing demand for quick supply of sensitive, perishable, high value cargo – the need for close monitoring and tracking of such cargo has grown significantly.

After being introduced earlier this year, the Kylos Air has received great attention from the air-cargo industry, identifying its unique capabilities.

Now, we are happy to announce that Amerijet, a Fort Lauderdale-based US scheduled cargo carrier has chosen Starcom Systems’ Kylos Air GPS tracking device for use on board its Boeing freighters.

Amerijet has offices in 78 countries, ships more than 300 million pounds of freight annually and operates a cargo-route network linking the USA with the Caribbean, Central and Latin America.

“Being able to know exactly where cargo is, and being able to track or monitor it on your smartphone, desktop or via your own tracking platform is critical to the next generation of services we intend to provide,” says Pamela Rollins, Amerijet’s senior VP business development in a news release announcing Amerijet’s selection of the Starcoms Systems units.
“Starcom Systems’ latest development with the Kylos Air allows for close monitoring of high-value air cargo, temperature sensitive products and equipment,” says Rollins. “The units go into ‘Airplane Mode’ while in the air, but communicate the moment the aircraft has landed, helping minimize the ramp time of sensitive cargo.”

Each Kylos Air GPS tracking device has a built-in accelerometer, as well as light, temperature and barometric sensors. The system triggers an alert if it is subjected to any irregular event, such as a change of location or temperature, an impact, or exposure to light.

At each point in the shipping process, Amerijet receives a real-time alert from the Kylos Air GPS sensors and thus knows immediately when the product has left the warehouse, when it has arrived at the destination airport and when it has been delivered to its final destination. This huge opportunity, as identified by Amerijet, is your opportunity!

Take advantage of the innovative Kylos Air. It will expand your sales, and offer completely NEW markets.