Starcom Online Revolution: OTA configuration in a click

Starcom Online Revolution: OTA configuration in a click

Starcom Online Revolution: OTA configuration in a click

It’s here, it’s better and easier than ever: Starcom Online is proud to present Over the Air configuration, enabling to configure all units in a click, with no need for a Routing server and in a quick, user friendly process.

Starcom Systems is continuously innovating and improving its various systems to offer better services. This month we are proud to bring excellent news to all our operators and clients around the globe: the ability to adjust each and any one of our device’s core configuration directly from Starcom Systems Online platform, just as if they are using the local PC application (Installer Application). Just a click away and a new pop-up window will read, show, and enable editing the parameters of all of the Helios family, Watchlock, Tetis family and Kylos family devices.

This important new module will free the operators from the need to use the over-the-air local PC application, and allow adjusting and tweaking the unit from the web, at any time, from any place. It is therefore also removes the requirement of a local Routing server for most of our operators, and makes our entire system much easier to start with for any new operators.

In addition, you no longer have to wait for the units to transmit to make changes. Just change the parameters you wish, and Starcom Online will do the rest – wait for the unit to come online, and push the changes once it’s available without the need for you to remain online!

Use it anytime & everywhere!

  • There will be no more wasted time waiting on the road or train, until you reach a PC in your office or at home! Its NEW WEB based interface enables this NEW TOOL, to be used at any tablet, any laptop!
  • There will be no more limitations to use Windows Operating systems to open Installer Application and manage the device’s parameters over the air! Opening your internet browser, use it on any Apple laptops or any other operating system!
  • It will not be required any longer, a routing APP server in your office or in the cloud, to control the parameters of your own units! Have full access from any browser ANYTIME, EVERYWHERE!

Easy and friendly interface!

If you are familiar with the Installer Application, you will find that every parameter on every TAB section is self-explanatory! Use the drop down fields to easily select the values to choose for each parameter or the checkbox options to set ON/OFF on each case. It couldn’t be easier!

* If you are not familiar with these parameters just send us a mail and we will be glad to assist you!

Faster and more reliable responses!
Finally, and not less significant, is the faster and more reliable response! By using our own Starcom Online Platform, you have SECURED, FAST and CONFIDENT responses from within our own system.
Take advantage of this outstanding NEW TOOL at Starcom Online platform, and improve the technical responses to the clients, in a faster and far more reliable way.

Congratulations to Global Tracking!

We would like to congratulate our distributor, Global Tracking, for winning Ethio Telecom’s tender to supply 1300 Helios Hybrid units.

We believe that participating and bidding in local tenders is a great way to boost sales, and would love to support any tender bids with additional material and info.