Train robbery: Watchlock saves the day!

Train robbery: Watchlock saves the day!
Train robbery: Watchlock saves the day!

Watchlock, our high security communicating padlock proved once again that a reporting lock with real time alerts leads to a quick response and prevents cargo theft and loss.

In an amazing turn of events, armed security officers stopped a cargo train headed from China to Kazakhstan, preventing a robbery attempt thanks to our smart reporting lock, Watchlock.

The story began on July 22nd when Starcom’s partners, “Silk Way Monitoring”, installed six Watchlock units on containers which were on their way from China to Kazakhstan. The units were installed while the containers were in a station near the border per a request from “Interlink Global Services” company.

Early morning the day after, one of the units transmitted an emergency “Break-in” signal.  Thanks to the fact that “Starcom Online” application was available to the railroad security office, immediate response measures were taken, the train was stopped at the nearest station and thoroughly inspected by armed security officers.

The results were remarkable: even though the robbers physically damaged the Watchlock, it remained functional and prevented them from breaking into the containers. And while four other containers, which were not equipped with the Watchlockwere broken into and robbed, the containers which were protected by the Watchlock remained unharmed. This was overall a great success for the Watchlock!

The robbers couldn’t break into the containers since their attempts to break the unit lead to an emergency transmission. By the time they were able to break the lock, security forces already responded to the event and prevented the robbery.

Not only that, but the emergency transmission which was followed by the security officer’s quick response prevented additional break-in attempts into the rest of the containers during the journey.  After the event, local police officials have launched a criminal investigation and four criminal cases were opened.

This impressive, quick response to an emergency event demonstrates once again the capabilities of our Watchlock. Take advantage of these innovative ideas that will expand your sales, and introduce familiar products for NEW markets.