Helios – A complete management solution


Helios – A complete management solution

Finding new applications and functions for our advanced hardware and software solutions is always exciting. One of our customers has recently come up with a new implementation to our Helios family products implementing it as a complete logistics services management solution.

The client, Maman Group, provides an array of logistics services to government agencies and private companies. This includes cargo management and ground-handling services for airlines, handling services, supply chain management (SCM), and third-party logistics (TPL).

The company has been utilizing Helios Advanced and Helios TT to manage its fleets of forklifts and vehicles for about over a year. In a short period, they were able to improve their operations dramatically and report amazing results:

  • The company’s fleet of forklifts was reduced by 5% thanks to a better fleet management system. Forklifts are now used more efficiently and constantly after the company used the event generator to asses which forklifts were standing in one place for long periods of time.
  • Thanks to a better battery management of the forklifts, there are no more forklifts that may get stuck in the field.
  • In the past, management was unable to move cargo due to a lack of manpower. Now the company reports better streamlining, with drivers’ management improved by 10%. As a result – more cargo is being delivered.
  • Better safety and tracking procedures – drivers only drive the vehicles they are authorized and licensed to drive.

Added to these wonderful results is the unique system based on the Helios TT – which allows remote locking and unlocking of a mobile safe.

This allows a secured transportation of high value goods, as the safe was placed inside a commercial vehicle and the Helios TT controls its lock remotely.

In this scenario, there are two Helios TT units: one in the vehicle and the second one installed in the safe. The Control Center tracks and identifies when the vehicle arrived at its destination. Upon arrival to the destination – the driver requests the control center to unlock the safe. Once approved, the control center remotely unlocks the safe, providing the driver with a 20 seconds time window to open the safe. After this time window, the safe auto-locks and a new approval is required.

This impressive application demonstrates once again the wide array of options and applications of the Helios family. Take advantage of these innovative ideas that will expand your sales, and introduce familiar products for NEW markets.

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