The country side: A whole new market for Helios!


The country side: A whole new market for Helios!

Providing out-of-the-box solutions has been one of the keys to success in the business of GPS tracking devices. Traditionally, Helios family products have been used to monitor vehicles: Fleet cars, Trailers, Taxi fleets, Motorcycles, Bicycles and even Boats.This month’s newsletter is dedicated to open a NEW MARKET by applying the Helios device to agricultural machinery: Tractors, Plowing machinery, Planters, Slurry spreaders, Fertilizers machines, Crop sprayers, Harvesters, Mechanical Tree Shakers, Wagons, Combine tractors and any Heavy duty agricultural machinery used in the field.

With our latest Hybrid Satellite solutions for Helios, many cultivated fields that commonly may not have the cellular coverage, are no longer a limitation for Helios monitoring, tracking and alerts messaging. This outstanding technological feature enables Helios products to receive real-time information and specific alerts directly to your potential customers’ mobile smartphones or tablets:

  • Offer an economical solution to SAVE MONEY on highly expensive repairs of valuable machinery, by receiving status/alerts on exceeding oil pressure, unexpected fuel leaks, identification of authorized drivers, overheating, over speeding and/or high voltage in the electrical system.
  • Offer a technological solution to track and monitor any agricultural machine for a better field management: Planned vs. actual mileage performed on a field, actual work hours, driver statistics, fuel consumption and more.
  • Offer a security solution with Helios as an invaluable tool to alert upon unauthorized manipulation, alerts in case of moving in or out of designed perimeters and, in case of robbery, track and discover pinpoint exact locations on the map.
  • Offer a smart and flexible solution that is installed in minutes, customizable and easy to use, using our friendly Web platform, Smart Cellphone or Tablet APP. Create events, alerts, generate statistical and/or daily reports in minutes.
Take advantage of these innovative ideas that will expand your sales, and introduce familiar products for NEW markets.

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