Year-End Summary: The greatest‎ moments of 2015!

starcom systems the biggest moments 2015

Within a few days to 2016, it’s time to look back in 2015 and recall the main events of this closing year. A great deal of work was invested in 2015 to assure our clients will enjoy new products, better services and to provide new features and a high-level support. The new features will assist our clients to increase their sales in the upcoming 2016 and. as always, to offer superior products and services to their customers.

  1. New Maps Engine: Integrated MAPPING images, routes, icons and graphical tools are shown on the screen in a higher level, intuitive, easy-to-use and far more impressive. The main MAP covers almost the whole available screen, enabling the NEW FULL SCREEN feature.
  2. Olympia Tracking: The UPDATED OLYMPIA TRACKING APP – The FASTEST alert system smartphone or tablet offers NEW OUTGOING COMMANDS and REPORTING options. This made Olympia APP the most efficient and user friendly monitoring mobile software.
  3. Improved battery life: We’ve extended several time-folds the battery life. Using its internal built-in accelerometer, our products are able to wisely decide whether the device is standstill and decide automatically that it should shut down its internal GPS and Cellular modem, thus substantially extending the battery life-time. This allows for the various products to be used in new situations where they previously didn’t fit.
  4.  Bicycle module for Kylos Compact: Electric bicycles and Motorcycles can be monitored using latest Starcom’s KYLOS COMPACT unit. With the continuous growth of Electrical bicycles and motorcycles sales – the GPS track and protection against thefts has become a vital factor for security, insurance and fleet management.
  5.  Kylos Forever: Kylos Forever is Starcom Systems’ latest technological development that can monitor over your assets or equipment placed in remote areas for months at a time. With its robust battery and monitoring once-a-day to ensure that your equipment is operating securely, Kylos Forever is able to transmit from isolated sites for up to 3 years.
  6.  Voice calls for Kylos Compact: Kylos Compact allow users to open a voice channel, allowing it to additionally be used as a listening device, from afar. This is extremely useful when used with hikers, children and other individuals who may find themselves in distress.
  7.  Tetis R Hybrid solution: Tetis R Hybrid offers a more advanced and accurate tracking options for dry and reefer container. Tetis R Hybrid combines satellite (Iridium) and cellular connectivity. It offers constant monitoring in remote areas or at sea.
  8.  Helios LTE: Within the technology progress pace, our Helios system now offers a 4G-LTE version. This opens new service areas, where 4G is available.
  9.  Upgrade of all PC applications to match Windows 10: Being as always at the front of technology, we’ve upgraded our software to support Windows 10. We still support older versions as well.
  10.  New ordering system for our clients: We’ve launched our NEW Online Purchasing Order System, supporting our goal to ensure the most efficient and user friendly experience for customers to acquire Starcom’s innovative products.
  11.  Tanzania’s Rally: Tanzania’s U-Track was one of the main sponsors of the Oryx Energies Rally of Tanzania 2015. It provided real time tracking during the Rally using the Helios line of products, web and mobile applications.
  12. Kenya’s Speed governor: In a unique and exclusive project with Pinnacle Systems in Kenya, valued in $5.5 million – we’ve created a speed logger. The speed logger enables authorities to inspect for speed irregularities for up to 3 days.
  13. School bus system: In this exclusive project we’ve created a system which assures that students were picked up and dropped off in the correct locations through the school bus system. It allows fast-response in the event a student was misplaced.
  14. Czech Republic‘s Digital fuel sensor integration: We’ve integrated a fuel sensor to allow accurate readings, which can easily detect fuel efficiency of the car and the driver, as well as fuel theft attempts.
  15. Air & Sea Cargo Americas International Logistics show in the United States: In a Joint Venture with Sato Global Solutions – we’ve showcased our advanced line of logistics solutions in Air& Sea Cargo Americas, an International exhibition in Miami which attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.

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