Olympia tracking – NEW exciting features


Olympia tracking mobile APP has been UPDATED with NEW exciting features that are available now!

Starcom Systems has recently UPDATED its OLYMPIA TRACKING APP – The FASTEST alert system for your smartphone or tablet: Its NEW OUTGOING COMMANDS and REPORTING options makes Olympia APP the most efficient and user friendly monitoring mobile software!

Olympia Tracking mobile APP, created to complete the Starcom Online Web Application, has allowed our customers to see what’s going on with their vehicles and assets, for business or personal purposes 24/7 and via any mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.!

Olympia APP now includes NEW and user-friendly ways to send OUTGOING COMMANDS and obtainREPORTS for all Starcom’s products: Helios family, WatchLock, Tetis family, Kylos and Rainbow – anywhere, any time.

How does it work?

Intuitive and fast Reports – On any iOS or Android-based devices, gain immediate access to Reports of the vehicle or asset you want to obtain information from, by following these simple steps:
  1. Touch the bottom MENU key of your cellphone and select the HISTORY REPORT option,
  2. Select the initial and the final date & time of the period for the report,
  3. Choose the unit’s name,
  4. Touch the generate button to see the report on your screen.

A detailed list of activities and a map is displayed with the route of the unit for the period selected.

Reliability & Security – while sending OUTGOING COMMANDS to a vehicle: for example when receiving instant alerts upon situations that warrant your response. The process is NOW fast and secure:

  1. Touch the icon of the unit you want to send the COMMAND to and touch the small window that appears having the name of the unit,
  2. From the details window, touch the REMOTE COMMANDS icon located at the bottom right of this window.
Security is a fundamental issue. Olympia APP is constantly active on the background of your mobile phone or Tablet, so an additional security feature has been set in order to avoid anyone having access to your device and send OUTGOING COMMANDS to your units.
  1. At this step, a user’s password is requested again: Type the same password used to log in to Olympia APP.
  2. Select from the dropdown menu theCOMMAND to send to the device, just as it is normally performed from the MAP section at Starcom Online’s commands option.
Save money! No need any more for additional costs on SMS alerts! – Have all vital information required at your fingertips – The real time information, REPORTSand COMMANDS available at Olympia APP, allows you to make effective decisions about your business or personal matters instantaneously allowing you to prevent any possible loss of assets/merchandise and ultimately loss of money – and the best of all:
Olympia APP’s installation and updates are absolutely FREE!

Getting started is fast and simple! – All you have to do is download/update on your mobile device:


Or visit: //www.starcomsystems.com/m/

As part of Starcom Systems’ policy, we will continue to innovate and improve our customers’ satisfaction and service experience that remain as always, the most important goal & vision of the company.