helios waterproof tracking device for jetskybar

Starcom Systems’ Helios TT WATERPROOF
is the ideal solution to monitor ALL your water sport gear and open field equipment!

There is an enormous economic and marketing potential opportunity that represents today the fleet monitoring control of valuable water sports equipment such as: Boats, Jet Skis, fast boats, Pop Ups, trailers and camping equipment. Helios TT WATERPROOF offers the best solution to monitor and protect these valuable equipment in REAL TIME.

Helios TT’s WATERPROOF SOFT CASE smart design, was designed to enable installations on submersible equipment and vehicles operating under very High humidity conditions, required to monitor practically any equipment such as: Boats, Ferries and Jet Skis or any submersible item, providing potential theft detection alarms, and real time impact alerts.Helios TT WATERPROOF is not limited to water sport equipment. It offers the same advantages to open field camping equipment, motorcycles, RV, camping trailers, 4×4 open jeeps, Pop-Up trailers or any valuable assets that operates under open sky, rain or high humidity conditions.

With its special features, Helios Waterproof TTenables your company to offer:

  1. REAL TIME information and alerts of all significant and unusual situations, allowing to react swiftly and confidently against: unauthorized perimeter entries or departures, theft or impact.
  2. Security and Trust with a robust,WATERPROOF, reliable and easy to use device with incorporated sensors that constantly collect data regarding important aspects of the equipment’s location and condition.
  3. A competitive customer service. With real time information at your fingertips on ANY cellular phone or tablet device anytime, anywhere.

The marketing potential is vast, NEW and offers a wide range of applied options. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and Open NEW markets by offering Helios TT WATERPROOF to watersports companies, Ferries, taxi boats, and any related company.

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