An incredible business opportunity using Starcom’s TETIS


There is an enormous economic and marketing potential that represents today the dry and reefer containers market around the globe. In the past 5 years the worldwide traffic of containers cargo has steadily increased. Along with it the logistic requirement to monitor valuable merchandise in REAL TIME also raised. That is especially the case for sensitive merchandise that requires constant monitoring of temperature and humidity, potential theft detection, and real time alerts for impact events during loading/unloading. The marketing potential is outstanding and is just waiting for YOU TO ACT NOW!

The NEW TETIS FAMILY was created to unify under one brand the previous Tetis for dry containers, the Tetis-R for Reefer containers and the brand new  TETIS Hybrid Satellite devices for dry & refrigerated containers at sea and remote locations. The TETIS Hybrid was already sent to selected clients to their satisfaction.

All previously named “Triron” products will therefore be known as “Tetis” (Tetis, Tetis-R, and Tetis Hybrid).

 With its special features, TETIS Hybrid Satellite enables logistic companies to:
  1. Obtain REAL TIME information and alerts of all significant and unusual situations, allowing to react swiftly and confidently during the whole container’s journey.
  2. Gain confidence with a robust, reliable and easy to use device with incorporated sensors that constantly collect data regarding important aspects of the cargo’s location and condition.
  3. Reach a competitive edge in customer service with real time information at your fingertips at all times.
  4. Obtain a complete solution with a user-friendly, fast-and-easy installation device.
Take advantage of this unique opportunity and Open NEW markets by offering TETIS family products to security companies and any Cargo-on the move logistics companies.
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