Kylos Forever – Maximizing Portable Tracking Device Performance

Tracking device with great battery performance
Kylos Forever is Starcom Systems’ latest technological development that can monitor over your assets or equipment placed in remote areas for months at a time. With its robust battery and monitoring once-a-day to ensure that your equipment is operating securely, Kylos Forever is able to transmit from isolated sites for up to 3 years!With its unique features, Kylos Forever offers:
  1. A robust and secured unit – that can reduce the risk of having your equipment stolen, lost or possibly forgotten. You can monitor: Dumpsters, mobile generators, construction equipment or even your vehicle without the need for a professional installation.
  2. A long lasting built-in battery – that will give you peace of mind. Its 5000 mAh capacity enables the unit to transmit once-a-day for up to  3 years without recharge!

Kylos Forever is a NEW technological solution for your clients!

Increase sales in your area, by opening NEW markets offering Kylos Forever to construction sites, heavy duty equipment vendors, car rental and private users that may require an immediate tracking solution for vehicles: Just locate Kylos Forever at any place inside the dashboard or gloves compartment and start monitoring the vehicle!

Create new business models! offering Kylos Forever as part of a complete control center’s monitoring and security solution for your customers.

Open new partnerships with Car Rental companies, making Kylos Forever an integral part of the vehicle’s management efforts, offering a complete security and monitoring solution for the company.

If you are interested on incrementing your sales:

  • With a top level, NEW technology of its kind: Kylos Forever,
  • Confident enough to expand on NEW marketing frontiers,
Then it is time to contact us NOW!
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