Electric bicycles Tracking device

Tracking device for electrical bicycles

Starcom Systems has expanded its operations to a complete & fresh NEW market, applying Kylos Compact to the Electric Bicycles’ market.

Monitoring and securing Electrical bicycles has become a new necessity for an enormous potential and fresh market, and Kylos Compact is the perfect solution for this NEW and continuously growing sector.

With its unique features, Kylos Compact offers:

  1. A small, hidden and secured – unit inside the bicycle, protecting Kylos Compact from any attempt of disconnection, so in case of theft, the bike can be securely monitored and recovered.
  2. A built-in accelerometer sensor –  that can alert instantly in case of movement, impact or falling of the bike to any smart cellular phone or electronic mail as well.
  3. An over speed alert – within certain areas configured by the owner, so in case of unexpected behavior a message can be sent to any smart cellular phone, or electronic mail as well.
  4. A small and versatile – unit that can be easily installed on any Electric bicycle.

Kylos Compact is a proven solution!

Increase your sales in your area! by opening aNEW Electrical bicycles market offering Kylos Compact to producers, vendors and private users a top level, high quality product, unique in its kind.

Create new business models! offering Kylos Compact as part of a complete control center’s monitoring and security solution for your customers.

Open new partnerships with Electric bicycles producers and distributors, making Kylos Compact an integral part of the vehicle’s marketing efforts, offering a complete security and monitoring solution.

If you are interested on incrementing your sales:

  • With a top level, proven solution of its kind: Kylos Compact,
  • Confident enough to expand on NEW marketing frontiers,
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