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This month we bring you three news updates from Starcom Systems:

A NEW Product!
Kylos Compact unit – The latest release of the Starcom’s product family.

A NEW Technology!
OBD-II technology support – A competitive advantage for your customers.

A NEW APP in the store!
Designed for your mobile phone – A new way to control your units.

A NEW Product!

Starcom releases the New Kylos Compact unit – Feel close to your loved ones and irreplaceable assets even when you’re away.
Starcom presents a smaller version of Kylos with an improved GPS receiver. With thanks to its compact size and integrated panic button, the Kylos Compact is your People Locator solution, for monitoring the whereabouts of your family members, employees and even pets! You can feel secure knowing that you will be always be notified in any case of an emergency or a discrepancy from a planned route.
Kylos Compact can also function as a Merchandise or Asset Locator – Read more

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A NEW Technology!

The new OBD-II technology is now available for Helios AVL units. Perform faster installations and obtain more accurate, effective fuel measurements and RPM readings.
OBD-II technology is becoming a standard in the fleet management market. With this NEW technology, Starcoms’ distributors will have more competitive advantages to offer their customers. A Helios AVL unit equipped with OBD-II technology will save you time and money, since it will require an easier and a faster installation process. The OBD-II technology will also provide an effective Fuel Consumption measurement – a high priority for operators interested in reducing excessive fuel usage and saving on operational costs.
Read about the benefits of NEW OBD-II Technology for Helios AVL

A NEW APP in the store!

Starcom Systems is proud to release the NEW Mobile Phone APP!
Starcom Systems has released the NEW APP for mobile devices such as smart phones, Tablets and iPads. This APP is the BEST WAY to offer your customers quick access to locate their units: Helios, WatchLock, Tetis and Kylos. The location of the unit is shown on an aerial or a satellite map image, and provides information regarding several parameters and the best part of it:
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