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Starcom’s Newsletter released in February presented the brilliant idea of one of our customer’s (Eng. Juan Tarté of Intelisoft Panama) for fuel management and monitoring, by combining the Helios Advanced unit with the Dallas identification key. In this month’s issue we share with you more creative solutions for monitoring, controlling and management, using the Helios Advanced unit.

Vehicle door won’t open until the Helios says so – Helios helps you keep peace of mind by controlling who has access to your cargo and merchandise

Helios has been successfully applied for the controlled passage of goods in Mexico. The unit is connected to the doors of the cargo trailer, preventing an unauthorized opening (even by the driver).

Helios “permits” the opening of the doors either to authorized identification key holders, or when sending a command to the control centre. This implementation is the ideal solution for theft prevention of cargo during its transportation, giving you peace of mind knowing that your cargo is fully secured from departure to arrival. The solution can also be implemented for access management of warehouses.

Helios keeps the whole village running

A village in Brazil is dependent on several generators for power supply to the entire village. Once the oil pressure in the generators drops below the allowed level, the generators can burn out, leaving the entire village in the dark. When connected to the generators, Helios constantly monitors the oil pressure in the generators, sending real time alerts in case there is a drop in the level of pressure. Automatic alerts in a timely manner about any oil pressure drops will prevent burning, and saves costs caused by power failure in the village.

Helios = Remote Control?

Yes indeed. The Helios can even be used to remotely control any kind of machine. Once the Helios unit is connected, it can be used to send “over the air” commands to automatically turn on or switch off a machine.

An example of this implementation can be found here. for example: In case of an emergency or a power failure in pharmaceutical storage, where drugs need to be kept in a certain temperature, the Helios can turn a generator on to keep the air conditioner running to avoid spoiling of the drugs.

Helios can also be used for temperature monitoring

In Cyprus, for example, a company that distributes milk makes very creative use of Helios, and implements it for temperature-controlled distribution vehicles. The Helios continuously monitors the temperature in the vehicles, alerting in real time if the temperature drops below the permitted level.

An attractive method for tracking taxis for administrative purposes.

With the Helios unit connected to the passenger seats of a taxi, owners of taxi stands can monitor its fleet of taxis and disclose the number of trips each taxi transported per day and the amount of income that was made, allowing them to do a check and discover taxi drivers that are not reporting their journeys.

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