Worry less with New Asset/People Locator that is small in size but big in innovation

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Worry less with New Asset/People Locator that is small in size but big in innovation!

Meet Kylos Compact, the newest innovation from Starcom Systems; the small, concealable and portable unit that keeps guard of your assets and your loved ones.

Manage your time more efficiently and free your mind of worries.  
We each wear many hats during the day; we are business owners, worried about protecting our business assets, our merchandise or our valuable parcels shipped throughout the world. We are also individuals, worried about a family member: an aging parent, our child or even our pet.
The device that grants you asset protection, whether business or personal and protects your loved ones from a distance, while allowing you to stick to your daily routines without being preoccupied with these concerns anymore.

Manage your employees and take care of your loved ones with minimal interference.  
Do you want to know if your elderly parent has left the house and are making their way to a scheduled doctor appointment? Simply equip them with the Kylos Compact, used also as a Personal Locator, and set their schedule into the Online application. That way, you can have a peace of mind, knowing that in any case of a discrepancy, the system will notify you immediately.  The same goes for your field employees, children and pets. Not only can you keep track of their location, but you can also be certain that in any case of distress caused by an impact or in an event of emergency, the system will notify you in real time.

Save time and money locating your merchandise 
The Kylos Compact unit can also be used to track merchandise as it moves from one location to another, regardless of distance or transportation method. Being a small and portable unit that doesn’t require an external connection to a power source, the Kylos Compact Asset Tracker can be placed (and hidden) in any suitcase, box or container, monitoring its location, condition (including environmental condition – such as temperature monitoring) and even the angle in which they were placed throughout its entire journey. This helps you to save unnecessary time and money trying to recover your goods in case of theft or damage. As an example, medical syringes that were placed upside down or in a temperature condition that deviates from the pre-set temperature range, will activate the Kylos Compact device and trigger an alert in real time so that  such issues can be attended to quickly and possible loss or damage to merchandise is prevented.

The Kylos Compact Asset/People Locator is a small and smart unit, another innovation from the Starcom Systems’ line of automatic location and management systems.

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