Tetis Container Locator Helps Reduce Your Insurance Premiums and Cuts Damage Costs

Today, more than 80% of international trading is carried by sea. By the end of 2011, there were approximately 20 million cargo containers worldwide. The total number of lost container goods, owing to theft, piracy, accident or damage was estimated at 35 billion US$ annually, and is rising. Real Time remote tracking and monitoring solutions can provide online information about the most recent container location and status, helping you to prevent such events from occurring, and will provide you the actionable information you need to minimize damage costs (and thus reduce insurance premiums)1.
Tetis uses the most advanced GPS technology available today, designed for the purpose of containers’ controlling and monitoring, so that the most reliable and efficient delivery, from origin to destination, is made possible. Tetis raises alerts on various situations such as: door opening, breaking-in through side walls or possible forcing of the door, container tilt / fall / impact and more.

Tetis alerts highly sensitive security merchandise damaged while unloading at port

One month after a container, transporting millions of dollars’ worth of sensitive equipment, left the Port of Shanghai, with the Tetis device installed on its door, an alert was raised and received signifying that the container had suffered a strong impact, followed by another alert a few seconds later indicating a secondary minor impact. Simultaneously, the GPS receiver turned itself on and provided the precise location of the container. Apparently, the container was hit and damaged by another container that was accidently dropped from the crane while unloading on deck, causing a tearing of the tin on the top wall of the container and penetration of water which ruined the merchandise.

On-Line Information, On-Time Action

With thanks to the online information that was received from the Tetis container tracking system, stakeholders were able to quickly take action and redirect supplies in order to minimize possible critical implications of the occasion on the supply chain. Tetis allows you to manage those unforeseen events, and will assist in determining responsibility for any damage caused.
Information received from the Tetis unit continuously reaches a dedicated control centre, (in this case – ContGuard), manned by skilled professionals trained to attend to all kinds of emergencies as well as routine procedures, in complete cooperation with the end customer and their business protocols.

Reliable Reporting System = Effective Supply Chain
Tetis can make a supply chain more efficient while containers travel through several docking points.

This case concerns container owners who would normally come across some problems with tracking the location of their containers and receiving reliable data during lengthy journeys.
This was also the case for one of ContGuard’s clients, one of West Africa’s biggest entrepreneurs in power plant development, who is dependent on a continuous transportation of supplies throughout the continent. The data previously received from different stopping points en route were unreliable and inaccurate, which had severe implications along the supply chain, as they were totally dependent on the arrival of the containers as scheduled, for a continuous flow of work. Now, with the Tetis Containers Tracking device installed, information is continuously forwarded to ContGuard’s control centre, as well as to the containers’ owner. Vital information is transferred in real time, and their status at any given moment, which means that Tetis enables all those involved in the supply chain to have a true understanding of what is happening – as and when it happens! This case is an excellent example of how Tetis lives up to its name in preventing supply chain disruptions.

Theft of cigarette containers reduced with thanks to Tetis

The Tetis system is designed to provide preventive security: a renowned cigarette company transporting millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise around the world became accustomed to theft from its containers in different docking stations. Once the Tetis system was installed the scope of thefts decreased significantly. This was made possible due to real time information received automatically from the Tetis Container Monitoring System to Contguard’s Control centre, who are guided to immediately connect to the police in any case of an emergency.