Helios TT: Track & Trace System Recovers $50,000 worth of stolen motorbikes


In the January issue of Starcom’s monthly newsletter, we introduced you to the Helios TT and its unique capability to track, trace and protect both private motorcycles and fleets of delivery scooters.

In this issue, we bring you the real stories behind the scenes, giving you a sneak peek into the work of a motorcycle operational recovery centre.
As mentioned previously, a Recovery Control Centre was established, utilizing the Helios TT (Track & Trace) to send real-time alerts in cases of tampering, movement or impact brought upon the motorcycles.
Thanks to the Helios TT, thieves were tracked and a brand new Suzuki DL 650 was recovered.
During early May, a brand new Suzuki DL 650 was stolen at 2.30 AM. Both the owners and the Recovery Control Centre received an online alert, enabling the Control Centre to immediately send out a skilled task force to retrieve the motorcycle and bring it back, intact, to its lawful owners. The Helios TT- Motorcycles Tracking System that had been installed in the vehicle enabled both the Control Centre staff, as well as the owner, to accurately track the stolen motorcycle’s movement in real time throughout the entire chase until its capture by the field team. The motorcycle was brought back to the owners with only a minor scratch on it.

Stolen delivery scooter recovered and brought back to work within 1 hour 

On Feb 19th a Kymco Movie 125 scooter owned by a delivery company was stolen.
The Recovery Control Centre was alerted in real time, allowing them to react instantly by sending out the operational recovery team that located the scooter and brought it back, with a minimal amount of damage to the scooter.
The scooter was tracked on a private premises, obligating the force to report the incident to the police in order to step in legally and retrieve the scooter.
Once the scooter was retrieved by the police, it was brought back to the delivery company’s owner unscathed, which enabled him to bring it back to work on the field in no time.
The theft, which could have resulted in a great loss, had it not been equipped with the Helios TT, ended happily with minimum efforts and losses.

The Helios TT was also fitted in an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) that was stolen by being uploaded onto a trailer, without the switch having been turned on.
The Helios TT which can work where other devices cannot, identified the movement and the location of the ATV by recording the cellular antennas in its vicinity. A real-time alert was sent to the centre, which meant that once again there was no escape and the ATV was retrieved.

Other equally important aspect of the Helios TT is the protection of the driver. In cases of real time alerts raised by an impact or an accident, the Control Centre is able to contact the driver to check up on the situation. If the centre fails to establish contact, they are guided to promptly send out an ambulance to the exact location of the unit, saving time that could be crucial in saving the life of the driver.
These are only two out of the many success stories of the Helios TT motorcycles recovery system, proving that Helios TT will always keep guard of both driver and the vehicle.
Another implementation examples of the Helios TT include an electric buggy for the elderly, a golf-course, and a Campervan.

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