Starcom Online – Major improvements to the reports system


Starcom Online- Major improvements to the reports system 

Starcom Systems is happy to present major software improvements to the Starcom Online

Starcom Systems upgrades its Online Application with two important enhancements to the columns selection and map routes.

After a great deal of work by our development team, we have created a more flexible and agile reporting system, with an objective to meet the unique information needs and requirements of our users.  Customers can now build a system to suit their own needs and will receive detailed reports based on their own custom selections.

Rapid, Customizable and Clearer reports

The new improved columns selection allows the user to select specific columns that will appear on their final reports. Now, our customers can custom-make their own reports and create reports that have never existed on the system before! The system will also keep preferred selections in its memory, for future purposes. These new reports will be produced more rapidly and have been designed to be visually clearer and more comprehensive. We plan to keep improving this feature and will be introducing new and exciting upgrades in this direction!

Interactive map routes

The map routes are now more interactive and graphically friendly.
They appear with arrows that show the direction of movement, making the routes more comprehensible than ever before! In addition, a simple click on any of the arrows, will trigger a popup box with precise information of the unit’s location.
Each and every event point on the map is clickable, and redirects the user to the relevant line in the report and vice versa.

Starcom Systems web development team will continue to dedicate itself to providing the best online experience for all of its customers during 2014.

For any questions, please contact: [email protected]