Helios Hybrid – continuous performance even in areas without cellular coverage


Helios Hybrid- continuous performance even in areas without cellular coverage

Starcom Systems is pleased to present the recent advances in our tracking and fleet management systems: The Helios Hybrid– an innovative integration between the Helios GSM/HSPA vehicle location unit and an Iridium satellite module.
This advanced system, whose core function is based on the proven reliability and stability of the Helios Advanced unit, will enable the Hybrid tracking unit to provide real-time tracking, monitoring and management in areas without cellular coverage.
The Hybrid unit incorporates an Iridium satellite module that maintains a persistent coverage, granting  real-time data transmission virtually anywhere on the planet. You can set the type of events for immediate transmission or log data until cellular coverage is accessible, which allows for communication cost reduction.
This smart solution effectively utilizes all available communication network resources, whether cellular or satellite. The system will choose the available network, or may even utilize both,enabling lower transmission costs compared to using only satellite transmission.
Without dependence on mobile communication, the hybrid tracking system works anywhere on the globe. This makes it the ideal real-time tracking system for areas that are out of cellular coverage, such as at sea or in the desert. The system is also designed to meet the special requirements of mining or construction sites, and for the monitoring of assets and people in the remotest of areas.
The Hybrid system provides continuous and reliable real- time transmission, enabling effective management and real-time response.

Helios TT implemented for fleet management,  security and protection purposes. 

Starcom Systems is proud to announce new partnerships!
The first is the  signing of a supply and support agreement with one of the biggest motorcycle importers, for the implementation of the Helios TT in their security projects.  Since tampering and theft is a major concern for the on-road motorcycle fleetthe importer is collaborating with a Recovery Control Centre, to which real-time alerts will be sent. The Helios TT lends itself uniquely to this application as it can detect a tow alert by recording the cellular antennas in its vicinity.
The second  agreement was signed with an additional motorcycles’ provider, aiming to implement the Helios TT in delivery motorcycles, for fleet management purposes. In this case, the alert will be sent directly to the motorcycles owner, without operating a recovery control centre.

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