Helios TT – A New product from the Helios product line

Helios TT – A New product from the Helios product lineNo more hesitations – you can now bring your entire fleet online! .

The necessity to be connected to the entire fleet is now finally possible. Nowadays, more companies in your field are discovering the benefits of fleet management systems to gain control, increase efficiency, and drastically reduce costs. Therefore, the desire of fleet managers is to connect their entire fleet of vehicles with tracking systems – and not only some of the more expensive vehicles. Starcom Systems, as a market leader, has applied its R&D resources and developed the Helios TT. The Helios TT (Trace & Trace) is a small, reliable and smart unit that meets key Track and Trace needs, providing a solution that is both cost effective and user friendly.

Starcom made sure to fulfill the requirement for tracking and monitoring vehicles with advanced technological solutions while at the same time – maintaining low budget constraints. The Helios TT provides both the hardware and the software reliability due to the firm and stable infrastructure from Starcom System house. The advantages of Starcom Systems’ automatic and sophisticated solutions are now packed in a small, easy to use and straightforward unit that provides the most practical information, to complete any of your Track and Trace needs.

The Helios TT is a part of Starcom Systems’ extensive line for tracking and monitoring vehicles which includes the prestigious Helios Advanced Plus aimed for full fleet and security features, and can be used as a stand-alone alarm system; The Helios Basic, aimed for elementary fleet management features; and now presenting the Helios TT aimed for Track and Trace only. The Helios TT is perfectly suitable for high volume orders to provide you the most attractive price.