Starcom System is exhibiting at the United Nations

We are proud to announce that on February 2013 Starcom System is exhibiting its real time monitoring solutions at the United Nations (Economic commission for Europe) at the Inland Transport Security discussion forum that will be held on February 15th 2013 in Geneva.

The Supply Chain World

The world today faces a growing instability through its supply chain cycle. This instability composed out of four major elements: ongoing security, facing unexceptional events, sustaining cost effective levels and keeping perfect customer service.  While transporting our goods from one place to another, we face fear.

As market research, Berg (2012) indicates: “There will be a continued strong focus on container transport security and increased supply chain visibility in the coming years which will favor the container tracking market”.

We constantly measure our cost effective solutions that will sustain the efficiency, will keep on reducing our costs and consequently will save our precious time. While transporting inland valuable goods or assets, we are facing exceptional events, and aiming to prevent or minimize the damages and subrogation (at the insurance sector).

This supply chain transportation cycle is measured finally also by its stable, reliable and qualitative service.

Knowledge = Power

Starcom Systems is offering two sophisticated easy-to-use solutions: the Tetis and the Watchlock.

The Tetis is Starcom’s automatic real time alerts for containers, which reports of an unauthorized opening/breaking, monitoring location and geo-fence, exceeding measured temperature, and impacts based on a built-in accelometer.

The Watchlock is the only lock in the world that both guards and reports in real time. Watchlock is a unique combination of high security padlock and an innovative electronic monitoring and tracking system, derived out of the strategic partnership of Starcom System and Mul-T-Lock -an Assa Abloy company. With the assistance of Starcom’s on-line application that operate in 32 languages, Tetis and Watchlock allows you to be in control everywhere, anytime, in any case all over the supply chain transportation.

To learn more about the Starcom Systems products and solutions, please contact Ms. Nurit Shai, [email protected]