Helios: outstanding tracking & monitoring performances

Helios: outstanding tracking & monitoring

Helios from Starcom System GPS has participated at the Puma Energy Rally of Tanzania 2012.  The Helios unique features were shown by delivering excellent reports and alerts, including route and work hours.
During the Rally an accident occurred with one of the cars and due to Helios’ accelerometer, it sent an automatic alert to the control room and an ambulance was dispatched and arrived at the site within only 8 minutes (!!), resulting in saving human lives, thanks to the Helios system.

‘Fleet Track’, a Starcom’s distributor in Tanzania, is providing fleet management and tracking services. They got an opportunity to co-sponsor the biggest motorsports event in Tanzania known as the African Rally Championship, and they installed Helios units in all the rally cars, mostly Subaru and Mitsubishi EVOS. ‘Fleet Track’ is co-sponsoring for the second year and also guaranteed their participation next year as well.

The organizers and worldwide observers were highly impressed with the spectacular Helios system. Four outstanding reports and alerts were issued in this Rally:
1.Panic button alert: while the driver is in an emergency situation.
2.Accident alarm alert: an automatic alert in case of an accident.
3.Geo-fencing/route report: shows the exact route taken by the drivers, including any illegal shortcuts they may have taken.
4.Work hours: it enables to check the exact time the ignition was on as well as the length of the period of the vehicle’s activation.

Helios is the best real-time vehicle tracking system for fleet management and security applications. It presents over 200 features – some unique to Starcom Systems, such as fuel consumption tracking, off line communication option for reduced communication costs, built in accelerometer, OTA (over the air) upgrading capabilities and many more. The Helios system significantly reduces the operating costs of fuel and the maintenance of the fleet by as much as 20%. In addition it increases the efficiency of its performance by as much as 30%. It also significantly reduces the percentage of vehicle theft.
Up to the end of Y2012, Starcom will offer special conditions for ordering the ‘Helios Basic’ and ‘Helios Advanced Plus’. Please contact us today at: [email protected]