Rainbow – the highly advanced personal tracker

A Chinese sage used to say to his dear ones: “If I could be in two places at the same time, I would be with you twice at the same moment”. Starcom Systems has accomplished this goal by creating and launching the upgraded Rainbow.

The Rainbow is a unique personal tracker which provides an automatic long distance caring and supervision. The Rainbow allows you and your dear ones to have peace of mind while conducting your daily lives in the most independent, unhindered way – the perfect way to real freedom.

This Rainbow version has been improved with better features of GPS accuracy location, faster reception transmission, longer battery life, and higher quality of speech & audio.

An alert is being sent only when there is an exceptional event, meaning no news = good news. You can define a variety of events suitable for each age, health condition and characteristic of each carrier. The Rainbow allows you to define various alerts that can be received on your mobile phone or an e-mail. Rainbow is the only personal tracker that provides automatic and active solutions in situations of extreme lack of control, in which the user cannot press the emergency button for some reason.

The upgraded Rainbow enables you to be closer to your dear ones even from a distance.

For full brochure and price list, please contact:

Mr. Avi Hartmann: [email protected]