Kylos the wireless tracking device

Starcom systems is continuing to launch new products from its R & D department into the tracking and monitoring systems market. We are now very proud to reveal the KYLOS – an autonomic system with built in battery without the need for external power supply. The KYLOS contains a wide range of build in sensors, providing the ability to control a broad range of situations that enable you to protect every merchandise.

The KYLOS indicates the exact position of the merchandise at any moment. An alert is being sent according to predefined authorized/unauthorized  location, movement, light and temperature.The KYLOS allows you to keep track confidentially since the unit is small and concealable.  In this way, you can follow the merchandise’s path if it is stolen.

You enjoy the convenience of user-friendly system that facilities are located in over 50 countries around the world and can operate in over 30 languages, enabling both you and your customers to pinpoint your merchandise precisely on its way to delivery.

By purchasing the KYLOS, you SAVE time and money because a single KYLOS unit can monitor a number of products simultaneously by wireless communications. We welcome you to test the KYLOS and try our simulation kit at: [email protected]