Starcom Online: The automatic fuel calibration is here!

We are very proud to publish this week, a new Starcom Online´s feature: Automatic Fuel Calibration.

Previously, in order to get a valid fuel tank status, the system installers had to take during the installation, a few electrical measurements of the fuel gauge, in order to be able to convert its input (in voltages) into a human readable value of the fuel tank’s status (in percentages). This process prolonged the time of installation, and was exposed to mistakes.

The new Automatic Fuel Calibration revolutionizes this process. It allows a rapid installation of the system without the need for on-site measurements. After a couple of weeks from the installation (or after three refueling cycles), the Starcom Online system is now able to automatically calculate the calibration values based on the accumulated data during that period.

To access this Starcom Online feature, go to Resources – Units, edit the Helios unit you wish to calibrate, and you will find the new feature under the “Captions” section.

As always – our technical support team will be happy to provide more information and assistance using our latest updates.