Helios Basic – maximum coverage for your fleet control in a Basic solution

Fleet management applications are crucial in order to sustain the organization efficient. The system must be both highly reliable and price attractive.

Starcom Systems’ Helios Basic enables fleet management to control and monitor all its fleets, including sales people, office employees, and couriers in a maximum coverage.

Coverage of all the fleet management by using the Helios Basic application can save up to 20% of the fleet’s running costs per month. The cost efficiency is a result of correct routs planning and fuel monitoring.

Starcom Systems Helios Basic offers reliability with affordable price in one fleet management feature. The Helios Basic combines the state of the art GPS/GSM from u-blox modules, with high performance sensors and sophisticated algorithms in an easy to install package:

  1. Fuel consumption
  2. Internal GSM/GPS antennas
  3. Concealed within the unit backup battery, the unit will continue to work even if it was disconnected from the vehicle’s power.
  4. Improved low power mode, 3mAh power consumption in “low power” mode, making this unit ideal for motorbikes or any other vehicle with small batteries.

The Helios Basic application can update its software and parameters online without decommissioning the vehicle or the driver. The Helios Basic application includes the event generator, which is able to monitor a combination of several segments also possible in parallel or in sequence.

Helios Basic for all your fleet =  HUGE SAVING, MAXIMUM CONTROL.