The Event Generator

Accuracy and personal adjustment in event definition

The Event Generator

The number of possible events that a fleet management manager needs and wants to specify is huge; however, it needs to be specific and precisely meets his needs! Starcom distinguished this problem and developed an exceptional online fleet management application, the event generator, that provides an efficiency, user friendly and sophisticated tool.

Starcom’s event generator is able tomonitor a combination of several segments also possible in parallel or insequence. Starcom’s unique feature allows a wide and broad usage of the application for specific requirements of the end client. Here is an example of Starcom’s event generator: A) it can monitor door opening, B) in a restricted area and C) in a specific time, all predefined in advance in the event generator.

As a Fleet management manager you receive enormous volume of alerts, most of them are irrelevant, moreover they load the whole system and consequently cause damages in the system. In order to maintain customers’ special requirements and keep the system clear, Starcom systems event generator has an added value that is also capable to control the end event action. The end event action is a major usage tool for fleet managers as they can filter the exact requirements they need in one condition only, as in parallel or in sequence: only then it results in the proper alert.

This is actually the exact event you need to monitor!

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